Retainments likely for Prokabaddi Season 6

Player Policy Summary Pro kabaddi has released Player Policy for Season 6. This is turning out to be an interesting economic conundrum given the new policy. Here is a quick summary.  Average price of players from Season 5 Auction.  in Lakhs  A   B   C  NYP
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Pro Kabaddi season 6 retained players list 2018

In season 6 the train policy is each team will retain 6 players in category A,B,C,C*. Why Retain? 1) When the franchise believes the value of a player at an auction would be more than the amount they can retain him for2) When the business,

India’s win in Gorgan Asian Championships not good for Kabaddi

India sent a relatively young, raider heavy squad captained by flamboyant raider Ajay Thakur and indefatigable defender Surjeet Singh. Then the usual story unfolds – India decimate Iraq 61-21 India thrash Afghanistan 103-25 India crush Pakistan to top group 44-18 India defeats South Korea in the semi-finals