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India’s win in Gorgan Asian Championships not good for Kabaddi

India sent a relatively young, raider heavy squad captained by flamboyant raider Ajay Thakur and indefatigable defender Surjeet Singh. Then the usual story unfolds – India decimate Iraq 61-21 India thrash Afghanistan 103-25 India crush Pakistan to top group 44-18 India defeats South Korea in the semi-finals
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Kabaddi Players at Asian Championship Camp at Sonepat Haryana

After a long hectic Prokabaddi Season 5 finished, Kabaddi players haven’t really got much time off. 36 of the top players, mostly selected by their performance in PKL5, are off to Sonepat Haryana for Asian Championship Camp. On November 18th, 12 players will be shortlisted

Dronacharyas of Pro Kabaddi Season 3 Part -1

Kabaddi Coaches – An unthankful job! When we see the Kabaddi players in action, we get inspired and excited. But most of the time the efforts of the coaches go unnoticed. Fans might know all the players in a team but not the coach. We wanted
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Does age matter in Kabaddi?

Pace or Experience Kabaddi is a swift paced game, one might think that only young guns fare good in this game requiring extreme skill and stamina. Or does experience and temperament matter more than just vigor and vibrancy. To answer this question, we did an
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Why Kabaddi is not a part of Olympics?

Before answering these questions, let us take a look at what Kabaddi is and how it is played. Kabaddi Mythology The earliest form of the game may have originated during  in Ancient India, including speculations from the Indian epic Mahabharata. For many years, Kabaddi was

Resurgence of Pink Panthers in Season 3

In the inaugural edition of Pro Kabaddi , Jaipur Pink Panthers defeated U Mumba to claim the title after a display of a combination of good defense and superb offense. This was not the case in the second season as they missed out on the

Importance of Empty Raids

Empty raid : Nothing happens in this raid Successful Raid : Raider gets the points in this raid;either touch points or bonus point Unsuccessful raid : Defenders get the point by catching the raider or pushing the raider out of the field. We all know Unsuccessful raid is