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Nitin Tomar for 93 lakhs :Boon or Bane

Former Bengal Warriors and Puneri Paltan raider and top all rounder for Services joined Team UP at a record price of 93 Lakhs. He was a top raider in Season 3 for Bengal Warriors and had a big hand in leading them to semifinals. He

Dynamic Pricing In Auction

With 4 new teams joining the fray and the purse doubled for each team, it was all in or all out for the teams. The auction rules also got complicated as dynamic pricing was included in the rules meaning if you retain a player, his
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TACKLED Board Game

TACKLED is a board game inspired by Kabaddi. The rules of the game, movement of players and general scheme is designed to be true to the sport of Kabaddi.  What will you find in the TACKLED box? 1. Tackled Board 2. Player cards (black) 3.
The lead at the start matters

How Important is getting the first point in Kabaddi?

In tennis winning first point means you are more likely to win that game [obviously, this statistic doesn’t hold true for Djokovic]. In football also the team which gets the first goal wins more often than not. There is a general belief that a lead
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Kabaddi: An honest Indian sport

Even though I played Kabaddi as a kid, I never used to follow Kabaddi among other sports. Even when there were a lot of controversies in Cricket, hockey, football etc. I never cared much for these dishonest attributes of some players in these sports. Since