Dekh Panga : The Simplest Tagged Video Tool

Dekh Panga is a tool to see videos tagged by several Kabaddi skill metrics. Filter for metrics and build your story and strategy for your next match. 


Question1 – All successful raids by Abolfazel Maghsodhl

Filters to select: Raider – Abolfazel Maghsodhlo; Raid Result – Successful

Dekh Panga : Abolfazel’s raids

Question 2 – Abolfazel’s Do – or – Die Raids

Filters to select: Raider – Abolfazel Maghsodhlo; Raid Result – Successful; Do-or-Die – Yes

Dekh Panga: Abolfazel’s Do or Die Raids

Question 3 – Amit Hooda’s ankle hold against Raider Jang Kun Lee

Filters to select: Main Defender – Amit Hooda; Main Tackle Type – Ankle Hold; Raider – Jang Kun Lee

Dekh Panga: Amit Hooda vs Jang Kun Lee

Question 4 – Pardeep Narwal super raids against Puneri Paltans

Filters to select: Raider – Pardeep Narwal; Raid Points – 3; Defense Team – PU

Dekh Panga: Super Raids by Pardeep Narwal

What do the filters mean?

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 1.32.01 PM

  1. Season – Choose Season. 
  2. Match Number – (Match No, Season Number and Teams Playing mentioned for ease of use)
  3. Raider – Name of Raider
  4. Raid Type –  Turning, Running Hand Touch, Side Kick, Dubki, Escape, Jumping over chain
  5. Raid Result – Unsuccessful, Successful, Successful.Bonus, Unsuccessful.Bonus, Empty.Bonus, 
  6. No of Defenders – Number of defenders on mat
  7. Raid Points – 0-4 (choose 3 for super raids)
  8. Do or Die – Filter for Do-or-Die Raids
  9. Main Defender – The tackler who initiated the Panga
  10. Support Defender – Tackler who supported the main defender
  11. Tackle Result – Successful or Unsuccessful Defender
  12. Main Tackle Type – Tackle used by main defender. Dash, Bear Hug, Ankle Hold, Thigh Hold, Chain Block, Waist Hold, Back Hold, Knee Hold, Lobby Touch
  13. Support Tackle Type – Tackle used by support defender
  14. Raid Team – Raiding Team
  15. Defense Team – Defending Team