Mind and Money game in Pro Kabaddi Season 4 Auctions

After Season 3, an auction was conducted for Season 4 Pro kabaddi and the teams could only retain a maximum of 2 players. Most teams lost their core team to the auction pool, U Mumba and Patna Pirates being the prominent names with their champion Squads.

All the teams had a bigger purse of Two Crores INR  than when the auction happened for the first time before Season 1 where it was a mere 60 Lakhs. The star value of most of the players had also gone up after their stellar performances during three seasons.

More than 150 players were available for auction and most of the teams were looking to either strengthen their Defense strength or their Raiding department.

Teams and number of players they bid for in the auction

Teams and number of players they bid for in the auction. Teams like BB, BW, DD and PP bid only for a fewer number of players and made their team with most of their choices, whereas the other teams PU,TT,UM and JP bid for more players and might have driven up the prices of a few players.

Let us see how the teams went for the stars of Pro Kabaddi in the auctions.

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Bengaluru Bulls

Being second last in Season 3 after losing some of their major players who took them to the finals in Season 2 , BB had a lot of fans to satisfy and desperate need for a redemption. Their management and Coach Randhir Singh had some players in mind who could take the team to glory.

They went for a select number of players in the auction and made sure that they get them. They bid for only 25 players and bought 14 players  which shows that they had definite targets and got most of their choices.

But spending a whooping 83 lakhs on two corner defenders which is almost 42% of their budget may make them gullible at some other positions.

BB Prominent Buys: Mohit Chhillar( 53 Lakhs), Surendar Nada(30 Lakhs), Rohit Baliyan

Bengal Warriors

The Defensive wall of Prokabaddi retained their core defenders from Season 3 Nilesh Shinde and Girish Ernak before the auctions and during the auction brought back their favorites like Jang Kun Lee and Nitin Madane. They also had a select number of players who they came for and succeeded in getting their core team back as well as getting a few top raiders from Season 1 like Surjeeth Narwal and Ravi Dalal.

BW Prominent Buys : Nitin Madane, Jang Kun Lee, Surjeeth Narwal

Dabang Delhi

It is not easy to come back from the bottom of the table in the previous season. But Delhi has put the best foot forward to accomplish their title dreams. They retained Kashiling Adake and the Do or Die Specilaist Selvamani. They have also bought a select set of players whom they deemed necessary for serious contention for the title

DD Prominent Buys: Meraj Sheykh, D. Suresh Kumar,  Prashant Kumar Rai, Bhupender Singh

Jaipur Pink Panthers

From being the champions in Season 1, it was all downhill for the Panthers in the next couple of seasons.Failing to qualify for the semifinals in both season 2 & 3 has got Junior Bachchan thinking. They retained star raider Jasvir Singh and Rajesh Narwal and has bought back  Ran Singh and Rohit Rana, who were former Panthers.

They also strengthened their raiding Department by getting the U Mumba ace Shabeeer Bapu.

JP Prominent Buys- Shabeer bapu(32.2 Lakhs), Ran Singh, Rohit Rana

Patna Pirates

The Champions of  Season 3, retained Pardeep Narwal and Rajesh Mondal before the auction. They came with a plan to create a formidable defense to support their raid oriented team and got the first buy of Fazel Atrachali ,then Hadi Oshtorak and Dharmaraj Cheralathan after a tug of war between Telugu Titans and Puneri Paltan.

They also bought Mahesh Goud , Kuldeep Singh and Bajirao Hodage making them one of the best balanced teams on paper.

PP Prominent Buys- Dharmaraj Cheralathan (29 Lakhs), Bajirao Hodage, Kuldeep Singh(30.4 Lakhs)

Puneri Paltan

After a season which saw the revamping and rise of Puneri Paltan, they retained Captain Manjeet Chillar and Deepak Niwas Hooda, two  all rounders who can play in a variety of positions. They had to strengthen both defense and the raiding Department and did so by getting back their favorite Ajay Thakur. They also added Sonu Narwal and Ravinder Pahal to the ranks of the Paltan. Joginder Singh Narwal along with Manjeeth will be the stronghold of Left side defense.

PU Prominent Buys- Joginder Narwal (28 Lakhs), Ajay Thakur, Ravinder Pahal

Telugu Titans

Narrowly missing out on the semifinal berth after a good start in the league might have really upsetted the Telugu team management. They retained Sukesh Hegde and their favorite Rahul Chaudhari. Telugu known for their raiders and raiding power, concentrated on defense for the first time in the auction. They bought Sandeep Narwal, Jasmer Singh Gulia and Sandeep Dhull to rejuvenate their corners and cover.

They were going after many players and even though concentrating on defense also got Mohammed Maghsoudlou from JP and Vinoth Kumar from BB.

TT Prominent Buys- Sandeep Narwal (45.5 Lakhs), Jasmer Singh Gulia (35.5 Lakhs),Sandeep Dhull

U Mumba

If you compare IPL and Prokabaddi, U Mumba can be compared to the CSK. Consistent performances and Finals in all three seasons of Pro Kabaddi makes them the big fish.

They retained their Captain  Anup Kumar and Rishank Devadiga.

They lost their pillars of defense Mohit and Surendar to BB and Vishal Mane to BW. They brought back the seasoned veteran Rakesh Kumar  and the cover specialist Jeeva Kumar along with some new faces like Gurvinder Singh and Manoj Dhull. Sunil Kumar from PP adorns their defense in Season 4.

Before the auction, Anup said in an interview that they would go all out for Jeeva Kumar and they did spending 40 lakhs to get him back.

UM Prominent Buys- Rakesh Kumar(26 Lakhs), Jeeva Kumar (40 lakhs), Gurvinder Singh.

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