India Qualifies for the semi-finals



India registered an easy victory over England in the 28th match of Kabaddi World Cup 2016 at The Arena by TransStadia in Ahmedabad. 
CAPTAIN Anup Kumar has a cool head and he proved it yet again by marshalling his resources in an astute manner to lead India to a 69-18 over England. It was the India’s raiding which played a major role in their creditable win with Ajay Thakur prodding his hit men. Pardeep Narwal contributed 13 raid points in 13 raids, the others who contributed substantially to the winners’ tally were defenders Surjeet(6), Rahul Chaudhari(5) and Sandeep Narwal (7).
Things began on a rather even keel, with Someshwar Kalia and Keshav Gupta ran successful raids for England. The first all-out came in very early in the 5th minute to propel the winners 12-3. An all-out inflicted by the winners in 14th, 16th, 19th and 28th minute. The scoreline at halftime was 45-6 and carried the same form in the second half to emerge winners. 
India is now second in the table with 21 points from 5 games and qualifies for a semifinal spot. England now has an uphill task ahead of them as they remain fourth in the table with 10 points from five games.     

Quarter Time View

We have divided 40 minutes of play time into 4 to look at which quarter belonged to whom.

Time (min) 0-10 10-20 20-30 30-40 Final Score
India 17 45 58 69 69
England 5 6 9 18 18

Point tracker

Point Summary

Raid Strategies

Tackle Strategies

India Raid Analysis

England Raid Analysis

Players Who Spent Time On And Away From The Field

Time (min) India England
Best Field Time Pardeep Narwal Someshwar Kalia
Worst Field Time Manjeet Chhillar Tejash Depala

Most Valuable Players Of The Match

Awards Player Team
Raider of the Match Pardeep Narwal India
Inspiring Defender of the Match Surjeet India
Marathon Man on the Mat Pardeep Narwal India
Moment of the Match Sandeep Narwal India

*Raider of the Match=Player who scored the maximum raid points,
Inspiring Defender of the Match= Player who scored the maximum tackle points,
Marathon Man on the Mat= Player who has spent the maximum time on the mat.

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