India celebrates Dussehra, pick up a win against the Bangladesh (57-20)



Led by that boyish looking Pardeep Narwal and the crafty Ajay Thakur India raided with aplomb and looted points galore to rout Bangladesh 57-20 at The Arena by TransStadia in Ahmedabad today. After a low-scoring start, the score stood at four points each for both sides at the Seven-minute mark. However, that was soon to change as the defending champions showed their class and pulled off a massive spree to garner a 17-point lead. Some rock solid defending by the India’s Surender Nada (5) and Manjeet Chillar (3) combined with some expert raiding by Ajay Thakur (10) and Pardeep Narwal (8) saw them three all out the Bangladesh team and take the score to 57-20.

Quarter Time View

We have divided 40 minutes of play time into 4 to look at which quarter belonged to whom.

Time (min) 0-10 10-20 20-30 30-40 Final Score
India 10 27 41 57 57
Bangladesh 4 10 16 20 20

Point tracker

Point Summary

Raid Strategies

Tackle Strategies

India Raid Analysis

Bangladesh Raid Analysis

Players Who Spent Time On And Away From The Field

Time (min) India Bangladesh
Best Field Time Ajay Thakur Aruduzzaman Munshi
Worst Field Time Deepak Hooda Zakir Hossain/td>

Most Valuable Players Of The Match

Awards Player Team
Raider of the Match Ajay Thakur India
Inspiring Defender of the Match Surender Nada India
Marathon Man on the Mat Deepak Hooda India
Moment of the Match Surender Nada India

*Raider of the Match=Player who scored the maximum raid points,
Inspiring Defender of the Match= Player who scored the maximum tackle points,
Marathon Man on the Mat= Player who has spent the maximum time on the mat.


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