Telugu Titans crush Jaipur Pink Panthers

Image Credits: PKL media

Image Credits: PKL media

Our Predictions:

Skipper Rahul Chaudhary, known for his raiding skills came up with a sterling performance to lead his team Telugu Titans to a crushing 35-23 win over Jaipur Pink Panthers.
The first half belonged to Rahul of the Telugu Titans while Amit Hooda, of the Jaipur Pink Panthers, surprisingly went without a point. The Telugu Titans inflicted their first ‘lona’-all out immediately after the break. It took Nilesh to inflict the all out on the last two men standing for the Jaipur Pink Panthers to get into his scoring mode. He had been out from action for almost 14 minutes till then. The score at that stage was 14-7 after his successful raid at the breaks.

The hosts tried to get back through some spirited play from Tushar Patil but he too could not revive the fortunes despite help from Rajesh Narwal. As Rahul had indicated before the match that they were well prepared to take on the holders after studying their tapes, the Telugu Titans truly and effectively employed the strategy on the field. Mahipal Narwal was rendered ineffective and when he threatened briefly with his trademark kicks to get rid of Sagar and Sandeep Dhull but that was too late and less.
The Jaipur defense was in shambles as they really felt the absence of Jasvir Singh and Shabeer Bapu, the left and right corners failed to do anything right. Jaipur leaked points in both departments to face another all out. Their hopes of at least salvaging a point also vanished. The gap was too big to bridge with five minutes on the clock.
Telugu titans qualified for the Semifinals thanks to this victory and they had another reason to celebrate, Rahul Chaudhary with his super 10 of the night had completed 100 raid points in Season 4 PKL.

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Messy Fractals’s ringside view takes a closer look at the strategies used by players in the match.

Quarter Time View

We have divided 40 minutes of play time into 4 to look at which quarter belonged to whom.

Time (min) 0-10 10-20 20-30 30-40 Final Score
Jaipur Pink Panthers 4 7 14 23 23
Telugu Titans 4 17 28 35 35

Point tracker

Point Summary

Raid Strategies

Tackle Strategies

Jaipur Pink Panthers Raid Analysis

Telugu Titans Raid Analysis

Players Who Spent Time On And Away From The Field

Time (min) Jaipur Pink Panthers Telugu Titans
Best Field Time Amit Hooda Jasmer Singh Gulia
Worst Field Time Shrikant Tewthia Nilesh Salunke

Most Valuable Players Of The Match

Awards Player Team
Raider of the Match Rahul Chaudhari Telugu Titans
Inspiring Defender of the Match Vinod Telugu Titans
Marathon Man on the Mat Jasmer Singh Telugu Titans
Moment of the Match Nilesh Salunke Telugu Titans

*Raider of the Match=Player who scored the maximum raid points,
Inspiring Defender of the Match= Player who scored the maximum tackle points,
Marathon Man on the Mat= Player who has spent the maximum time on the mat.

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