Nitin Tomar for 93 lakhs :Boon or Bane

Former Bengal Warriors and Puneri Paltan raider and top all rounder for Services joined Team UP at a record price of 93 Lakhs. He was a top raider in Season 3 for Bengal Warriors and had a big hand in leading them to semifinals. He was injured for a few matches during Season 3 also Even though he was injured badly mid season he played for Puneri Paltan in Season 4 and had an average season.

Puneri Paltan fans won’t forget a bandaged Tomar raiding when team was in dire need of him in the absence of Manjeet Chillar. He is a very important all rounder for the Services team.

His commitment and dedication towards the sport was rewarded properly with the price and he will have to justify it with his performance in Season 5. There is no doubt that he will be one of the top raiders in the next season (if injury free and he gets ample support from his team) but by buying him at this price UP heavily unbalanced the team and the price in terms of data is not justified. Rohit Kumar who was MVP in Season 3 went for 81 lakhs, Manjeet Chillar, captain and top defender went for 75.5 lakhs. Nitin Tomar who is injury prone and can be at best a second raider supporting Rishank Devadiga in team Uttar Pradesh and who will most likely have to play a defensive position as well. His price set back team UP in a big way that they could not buy proper defenders for all the positions.

If we take a look at the history of PKL, the costliest buy has never been as successful as the previous season. e.g- Mohit Chillar in Season 4, Jeeva Kumar in Season 4 reason being, the other teams target these players as they know how much the team has valued their performance.

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