Bengal Warriors hold leaders Puneri Paltan in an exciting tie


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Our Predictions:Bengal warriors 46:52 Puneri Paltan

Puneri Paltan got their second draw, this time against Bengal Warriors.
Deepak Niwas Hooda delivered a perfect all-round performance by scoring 8 raid points while Sonu Narwal scored 5 points as both teams shared the spoils in a 34-34 draw. On the other hand, Nilesh Shinde and Vishal Mane amassed 6 points each.
An error by substitute, the rival raider in the second last raid of the match enabled Puneri Paltan to snatch a 34-34 draw against leaders Bengal Warriors in Pro Kabaddi League Season 4 at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium.
Bengal began the game with some early lead built-up, with both their raiding and defence working efficiently. Nitin madane and Jang Kun Lee ran successful raids and the defenders managed to trap two main raiders of Pune: Sonu Narwal and captain Manjeet Chillar. Soon Bengal had a 3-9 lead but the momentum broke when an individual error handed Pune raider Deepak Niwas Hooda an easy touch.
The buzzer raid of the half saw Nitin madane tackled by Manjeet as the Puneri Paltan almost completed an all out of their own on the visitors. With this, the home team had reduced their deficit to just 8 points at the halfway mark.
The Puneri Paltan started on a positive note by inflicting an all-out on their rivals and got the lead in the 23rd minute.
Vishal mane’s Indian teammate Deepak Hooda was in the forefront for Puneri Paltan. He bagged eight raiding points but the other attackers, Ajay Thakur and Sonu Narwal were not as effective.
Puneri Paltan after obtaining the lead was giving away points just like in the first match at Patna.
Lot of technical points and Manjeet getting caught in Super tackles reduced the lead and gave Bengal a chance to come back after the dominance of Pune in the second half.
But Deepak could not break the Warriors defense in the last raid and the Paltan’s had to settle for the tie and 3 points which took them to the top of the table.

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Messy Fractals’s ringside view takes a closer look at the strategies used by players in the match.

Quarter Time View

We have divided 40 minutes of play time into 4 to look at which quarter belonged to whom.

Time (min) 0-10 10-20 20-30 30-40 Final Score
Puneri Paltan 3 16 27 34 34
Bengal Warriors 11 18 27 34 34

Point tracker

Point Analysis

Raid Strategies

Tackle Strategies

Puneri Paltan Raid Analysis

Bengal Warriors Raid Analysis

Players Who Spent Time On And Away From The Field

Time (min) Puneri Paltan Bengal Warriors
Best Field Time Ajay Thakur Nilesh Shinde
Worst Field Time Manjeet Chhillar Jang Kun Lee

Most Valuable Players Of The Match

Awards Player Team
Raider of the Match Deepak Hooda Puneri Paltan
Inspiring Defender of the Match Vishal Mane Bengal Warriors
Marathon Man on the Mat Ravinder Pahal Puneri Paltan
Moment of the Match Manjeet Chhillar Puneri Paltan

*Raider of the Match=Player who scored the maximum raid points,
Inspiring Defender of the Match= Player who scored the maximum tackle points,
Marathon Man on the Mat= Player who has spent the maximum time on the mat.

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