Ring side view : Puneri Paltan vs Bengal Warriors in Kolkata : 28-33

Messy Fractals’s ringside view takes a closer look at the strategies used by players in the match. To get routine score updates visit Pro Kabaddi website

Image Courtesy@PKL Media

Image Courtesy@PKL Media

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Quarter Time View

We have divided 40 minutes of play time into 4 to look at which quarter belonged to whom.





Players who spent time on and away from the field


Raid Strategies



Tackle Strategies


Most Valuable Players of the Match

The Raider of the Match –Nitin Tomar (Bengal warriors)
The Inspiring Defender of the Match-Manjeet Chhillar (Puneri Paltans)
The Marathon Man on the Mat –Manjeet Chhillar (Puneri Paltans)
The Moment of the Match –Nilesh Shinde (Bengal Warriors)

*The Raider of the Match=Player who scored the maximum raid points,
The Inspiring Defender of the Match= Player who scored the maximum tackle points,
The Marathon Man on the Mat= Player who has spent the maximum time on the mat



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