Rules of Tackled Kabaddi Board Game

How to play Tackled Kabaddi Board Game

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Getting Started
  • Tackled is played between two opponents (red/black). 
  • Distribute 10 cards randomly from the 56 Kabaddi player cards (black) for each team.
  • Every player (black card) has a Raid Score and a Tackle Score. Higher the Raid Score stronger the raider, higher the Tackle Score stronger the defender.
  • The identity of the cards should not be disclosed to the opponent.
  • Assign numbers to player cards using the magnetic number clips to the starting seven, remaining three can be kept aside as substitutes.
  • Position the wooden player coins on the board in any order in the first row of your side. This is your starting defense position.
  • The team with higher points at the end of 20 minutes or at first ALL OUT wins.
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Start Playing Tackled
  1. The 2 teams take turns alternately at raiding and defending.

Let’s assume that red team is raiding

  • Raiding team rolls the dice.
  • Before rolling the dice, red team chooses a raider (often one of top 3 raiders) from the player cards (black).
  • And places raider on one of the three starting points (indicated by the whistle).
  • The red team rolls the dice, and then moves the raider that many steps. The red team has to highlight the path taken clearly. If the dice rolls a 4, the red raider needs to move 4 steps.

Raider’s goal is to touch as many defenders and come back safely to the midline. The defender’s goal is to surround the raider in the positions of influence.

  • The white team (using the same number on the dice; in this case 4) moves their defenders that many steps, to adjust his defensive formation. The goal is to surround the raider in the positions of influence.
  • Raid Score of the Raider (see black card) is compared with total Tackle score of all defenders placed in the positions of influence. 
Raid Scenarios

The defenders who are in the path of the raider are assumed to have been touched. The objective of the defenders now is to try to capture the raider at his final position.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 5.19.58 PM

What is an unsuccessful raid?

Scenario 1: Dice shows four, raider [red] gets caught as sum of Tackle Score of defenders [white] placed in positions of influence is more than that of the Raid Score of raider, AN UNSUCCESSFUL RAID. Raider goes out and defenders remain where they are. White team gets one point.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 5.33.13 PM


What is an empty raid?

Scenario 2: Dice shows one, no defenders [white] in positions of influence, it is AN EMPTY RAID. Raider moves back to the position as before the raid, defenders remain where they are. Points remain unchanged.

What is a successful raid?

Scenario 3: Dice shows three, raider [red] has a higher score than the summed tackle score of defenders [white], A SUCCESSFUL RAID. Defenders involved in the raid go out. Red team gets as many points as the number of defenders out (3 points). Since three defenders go out from the opposition, the raiding team can bring back a maximum of three players who went out in the earlier moves. Player who went out first comes back first and it is the duty of the opposition team to check this.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 5.35.31 PM


Rules of Tackled : Action Cards

Special Boxes- Raider landing on the special boxes gets to draw an action card (Refer Action cards). Raider/Defender gets an improved raid score and tackle score in the respective boxes.

Action Cards : Action cards (white) can be drawn when raider goes into special boxes on the board, before the defending team makes the move Team needs to abide by the rules specified in the same move before defenders are moved.

Rules of Tackled : Bonus Point

The raider gets a bonus point when he/she reaches the last row (stays there/or touches and comes back) when there are 6 or more defenders in the opposition.

Rules of Tackled : Do-or-Die Raids

A team can only have 2 successive empty raids, third becomes a do-or-die raid in which raider MUST get a defender out or cross the bonus line, else raider gets out. Empty raid count for the team resets to 0.

Rules of Tackled : ALL OUT

When all seven players of a team gets out, the opposition has inflicted an all out. The opposition gets an additional two points and the game can be resumed by keeping all players back in the first row for the team who went all out.

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