Pro Kabaddi 2018 Season 6 Full player list and categories

The players’ list of the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League Season 6 with category. 

Team Name Player Name Position Category
Bengal Warriors

Anil Kumar Raider C
Bengal Warriors Deepak Narwal Raider A
Bengal Warriors Jang Kun Lee Raider A
Bengal Warriors Kuldeep Raider C
Bengal Warriors Maninder Singh Raider A
Bengal Warriors Vinod Kumar Raider C
Bengal Warriors Virender Raider C
Bengal Warriors PO Surjeet Singh Defender A
Bengal Warriors Rahul Kumar Defender C
Bengal Warriors Shashank Wankhede Defender C
Bengal Warriors Young Chang Ko Defender C
Bengal Warriors Bhupender Singh All-Rounder C
Bengal Warriors Ran Singh All-Rounder A
Bengal Warriors Shrikant Tewthia All-Rounder A
Bengal Warriors Vikash All-Rounder C
Bengal Warriors Ameares Mondal Defender C
Bengal Warriors Sandeep Malik Defender C
Bengal Warriors Ravindra Ramesh Kumawat All-Rounders C
Bengaluru Bulls Ajay Raider B
Bengaluru Bulls Gurvinder Singh Raider C
Bengaluru Bulls Rohit Raider C
Bengaluru Bulls Rohit Kumar Raider A
Bengaluru Bulls Sinotharan Kanesharajah Raider C
Bengaluru Bulls Sunil Jaipal Raider C
Bengaluru Bulls Ashish Kumar Defender B
Bengaluru Bulls Kuldeep Singh Defender C
Bengaluru Bulls Mahender Singh Defender A
Bengaluru Bulls Pradeep Narwal Defender C
Bengaluru Bulls Ravinder Pahal Defender A
Bengaluru Bulls Sachin Kumar Defender C
Bengaluru Bulls Amit All-Rounder C
Bengaluru Bulls Ankit Sangwan All-Rounder C
Bengaluru Bulls Preetam Chhillar All-Rounder C
Bengaluru Bulls Sanjay Shrestha All-Rounder C
Bengaluru Bulls Harish Naik Raider C
Bengaluru Bulls Sumit Singh Raider C
Bengaluru Bulls Amit Sheoran Defender C
Gujarat Fortunegiants Amit Om Prakash Rathi Raider C
Gujarat Fortunegiants Chandran Ranjit Raider B
Gujarat Fortunegiants Dange Sultan Raider C
Gujarat Fortunegiants Mahendra Ganesh Rajput Raider B
Gujarat Fortunegiants Pawan Kumar Raider C
Gujarat Fortunegiants Rakesh Narwal Raider C
Gujarat Fortunegiants Sachin Raider A
Gujarat Fortunegiants Sukesh Hegde Raider A
Gujarat Fortunegiants Abozar Mohajermighani Defender A
Gujarat Fortunegiants Fazel Atrachali Defender A
Gujarat Fortunegiants Manoj Kumar Defender C
Gujarat Fortunegiants Parvesh Bhainswal Defender A
Gujarat Fortunegiants Sunil Kumar Defender A
Gujarat Fortunegiants Vikas Kale Defender C
Gujarat Fortunegiants Mahipal Narwal All-Rounder C
Gujarat Fortunegiants Seongryeol Kim All-Rounder C
Gujarat Fortunegiants C Kalai Arasan Defender C
Gujarat Fortunegiants Amit Defender C
Gujarat Fortunegiants Rohit Gulia All-Rounder B
Haryana Steelers Ashish Chhokar Raider C
Haryana Steelers CPO Surjeet Singh Raider B
Haryana Steelers David Mosambayi Raider C
Haryana Steelers Deepak Kumar Dahiya Raider B
Haryana Steelers Khomsan Thongkham Raider C
Haryana Steelers Mohd. Bilal Raider C
Haryana Steelers Prashanth Kumar Rai Raider B
Haryana Steelers Vikash Kandola Raider B
Haryana Steelers Wazir Singh Raider A
Haryana Steelers Babu M Defender C
Haryana Steelers Jeeva Gopal Defender C
Haryana Steelers Mahendra Singh Dhaka Defender C
Haryana Steelers Mohit Chhillar Defender A
Haryana Steelers Raju Lal Choudhary Defender C
Haryana Steelers Rakesh Singh Kumar Defender B
Haryana Steelers Surender Nada Defender A
Haryana Steelers Deepak Kumar All-Rounder C
Haryana Steelers Kuldeep Singh All-Rounder B
Haryana Steelers Parmod Narwal All-Rounder C
Haryana Steelers Vikash Defender B
Haryana Steelers Neeraj Kumar Defender C
Haryana Steelers Mayur Shivtarkar All-Rounder C
Jaipur Pink Panthers Jasvir Singh Raider B
Jaipur Pink Panthers Kamal Kishor Raider C
Jaipur Pink Panthers Pawan Kumar Raider A
Jaipur Pink Panthers Rahul Choudhary Raider C
Jaipur Pink Panthers Selvamani K Raider B
Jaipur Pink Panthers Sunil Siddhgavali Raider C
Jaipur Pink Panthers Tushar Patil Raider B
Jaipur Pink Panthers Jaemin Lee Defender C
Jaipur Pink Panthers Manoj Dhull Defender C
Jaipur Pink Panthers Navneet Gautam Defender C
Jaipur Pink Panthers Ravinder Kumar Defender C
Jaipur Pink Panthers Somvir Shekhar Defender B
Jaipur Pink Panthers Vignesh B Defender C
Jaipur Pink Panthers Abhishek N All-Rounder C
Jaipur Pink Panthers Donggyu Kim All-Rounder C
Jaipur Pink Panthers Manjeet Chhillar All-Rounder A
Jaipur Pink Panthers Sidharth All-Rounder B
Jaipur Pink Panthers Ajit Singh Raider C
Jaipur Pink Panthers Nitin Rawal Defender A
Jaipur Pink Panthers Santhapanaselvam All-Rounder C
Patna Pirates Jawahar Raider C
Patna Pirates Monu Goyat Raider A
Patna Pirates Pardeep Narwal Raider A
Patna Pirates Vikas Jaglan Raider C
Patna Pirates Vinod Kumar Raider B
Patna Pirates Vishnu Uthaman Raider C
Patna Pirates Jaideep Defender A
Patna Pirates Manish Defender B
Patna Pirates Sachin Shingade Defender B
Patna Pirates Sandeep Defender C
Patna Pirates Satish Defender C
Patna Pirates Virender Singh Defender C
Patna Pirates Vishal Mane Defender B
Patna Pirates Mohammad Maghsoudlou All-Rounder C
Patna Pirates Vijay Raider B
Patna Pirates Arvind Kumar All-Rounder C
Patna Pirates Parveen Birwal All-Rounder C
Puneri Paltan Akshay Jadhav Raider C
Puneri Paltan More G B Raider C
Puneri Paltan Rajesh Mondal Raider B
Puneri Paltan Rohit Kumar Choudary Raider C
Puneri Paltan Suresh Kumar Raider B
Puneri Paltan Umesh Mhatre Raider C
Puneri Paltan Dharmaraj Cheralathan Defender B
Puneri Paltan Girish Maruti Ernak Defender A
Puneri Paltan Ravi Kumar Defender B
Puneri Paltan Ziaur Rahman Defender B
Puneri Paltan Ajay All-Rounder C
Puneri Paltan Deepak Niwas Hooda All-Rounder A
Puneri Paltan Narender Hooda All-Rounder C
Puneri Paltan Sandeep Narwal All-Rounder A
Puneri Paltan Takamitsu Kono All-Rounder C
Puneri Paltan Vikash Khatri Raider C
Puneri Paltan Monu Raider C
Puneri Paltan Rinku Narwal Defender B
Tamil Thalaivas Ajay Thakur Raider A
Tamil Thalaivas Donggeon Lee Raider C
Tamil Thalaivas K. Prapanjan Raider A
Tamil Thalaivas M. Thivakaran Raider C
Tamil Thalaivas Sarang Arun Deshmukh Raider C
Tamil Thalaivas Sombir Raider C
Tamil Thalaivas Vineet Kumar Raider C
Tamil Thalaivas Amit Hooda Defender A
Tamil Thalaivas Anil Kumar (Jersey # 77) Defender C
Tamil Thalaivas Anil Kumar (Jersey # 8) Defender C
Tamil Thalaivas C. Arun Defender B
Tamil Thalaivas Darshan J. Defender A
Tamil Thalaivas Mugilan Defender C
Tamil Thalaivas Muruthu M Defender C
Tamil Thalaivas Sanket Chavan Defender C
Tamil Thalaivas T. Prabhakaran Defender C
Tamil Thalaivas Vijay Kumar Defender C
Tamil Thalaivas Vijin Thangadurai Defender C
Tamil Thalaivas Ananthkumar All-Rounder C
Tamil Thalaivas Chansik Park All-Rounder C
Tamil Thalaivas Sujit Maharana All-Rounder C
Tamil Thalaivas Bhavani Rajput Raider C
Tamil Thalaivas Rajesh Defender C
Tamil Thalaivas Prathap All-Rounder B
Telugu Titans Ankit Malik Raider C
Telugu Titans Mohsen Maghsoudloujafari Raider B
Telugu Titans Munish Raider C
Telugu Titans Nilesh Salunke Raider A
Telugu Titans Rahul Chaudhari Raider A
Telugu Titans Vikas Raider C
Telugu Titans Vikrant Raider C
Telugu Titans Vinoth Kumar Raider C
Telugu Titans Amit Singh Chillar Defender C
Telugu Titans Farhad Rahimi Milaghardan Defender B
Telugu Titans Pandranki Jyothi Vara Prasad Defender C
Telugu Titans Rohit Rana Defender B
Telugu Titans Vinod Kumar Defender C
Telugu Titans Elangeshwaran R All-Rounder C
Telugu Titans Rakesh Kumar All-Rounder B
Telugu Titans Rakshith Raider C
Telugu Titans Sombir Defender B
Telugu Titans Vishal Bhardwaj Defender A
U Mumba

Anup Kumar Raider A
U Mumba Darsan Raider B
U Mumba Kashiling Adake Raider A
U Mumba Mohan Raman G Raider C
U Mumba Nitin Madane Raider C
U Mumba Shabeer Bappu Raider B
U Mumba Shrikant Jadhav Raider A
U Mumba D. Suresh Kumar Defender B
U Mumba Deepak Yadav Defender C
U Mumba Joginder Singh Narwal Defender B
U Mumba N. Renjith Defender C
U Mumba Dong Ju Hong All-Rounder C
U Mumba Hadi Oshtorak All-Rounder B
U Mumba Kuldeep Singh All-Rounder A
U Mumba Yongjoo Ok All-Rounder C
U Mumba Surender Singh Defender A
U Mumba E Subash All-Rounder C
U Mumba Shiv Om All-Rounder C
U.P. Yoddha Ajvender Singh Raider C
U.P. Yoddha Gulveer Singh Raider C
U.P. Yoddha Mahesh Goud Raider B
U.P. Yoddha Nitin Tomar Raider A
U.P. Yoddha Rishank Devadiga Raider A
U.P. Yoddha Sulieman Kabir Raider C
U.P. Yoddha Surender Singh Raider B
U.P. Yoddha Gurvinder Singh Defender C
U.P. Yoddha Hadi Tajik Defender C
U.P. Yoddha Jeeva Kumar Defender A
U.P. Yoddha Rohit Kumar Defender C
U.P. Yoddha Sanoj Kumar Defender C
U.P. Yoddha Santhosh B.S Defender B
U.P. Yoddha Rajesh Narwal All-Rounder C
U.P. Yoddha Sagar B. Krishna All-Rounder B
U.P. Yoddha Sunil All-Rounder C
U.P. Yoddha Nitesh Kumar Defender A
U.P. Yoddha Pankaj All-Rounder C

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