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Pro Kabaddi season 6 retained players list 2018

In season 6 the train policy is each team will retain 6 players in category A,B,C,C*. Why Retain? 1) When the franchise believes the value of a player at an auction would be more than the amount they can retain him for2) When the business,

U Mumba players in demand

After analyzing the player exchange data from season 3, and season 2 & 3 performances of the players, Messyfractals came up with fair prices at which players should have been sold during auctions this year. Behavioral unpredictability led to differences in auction/actual prices of some players.

The Iranian Quadro!!

The Iranian stood tall, firm and boisterous, still mirroring the aggression he displayed during the game. Indian coaches had studied the Iranians with awe. So much so that four of the squad members who played against India at Incheon in 2014 were soon auctioned off

Does Home Turf Matter??

In Pro Kabaddi the teams play in a caravan format travelling from one city to another, there will be a home team and that team will play four matches continuously on the trot on consecutive days in front of the home crowd. What is the

History of ProKabaddi

Players change, owners remain same. The support of the management in building a good team is reflected in their performances.  Pro Kabaddi League had its first season in 2014. The first season was from 26 July 2014 to 31 August 2014. There were double round