Importance of Empty Raids

Empty raid : Nothing happens in this raid
Successful Raid : Raider gets the points in this raid;either touch points or bonus point
Unsuccessful raid : Defenders get the point by catching the raider or pushing the raider out of the field.

We all know Unsuccessful raid is harmful for any team as you lose your raider, give opposition a point and let one of their players in. If the player who comes in is a good raider, that might increase your woes further in the next raid. The positive feedback loop that Kabaddi is, an unsuccessful raid not just makes you weaker, but the other team stronger!!

Nobody likes to be forced into a do-or-die raid

But empty raids have been an important factor. In the first season the number of empty raids were less but they have increased in number in season 2 as teams try to take advantage of the team who will face the first do – or – die raid. In this scenario the team defending is counting on the raider to be under pressure and that he might make mistakes.


Successful Raid % in Season 1 & 2

Also, when teams have a lead over other teams by a big margin they play safe and do empty raids more often as it’s the opposition who need to score points.This strategy may fare well only when one team has a huge lead or else this time wasting can backfire on you which was what happened exactly during the Bengal Warriors vs Telugu Titans matches when Bengal got the lead and relaxed and it was the opposition who took advantage.

Most of the teams have some players who will take one or two points almost every two raids so that they don’t have to face the do-or-die raid. There have been occasions in Season 2 where teams miscalculated the number of empty raids they have and didn’t know that it was a do-or-die raid beforehand.

As far as season 3 is concerned, most of the teams will look to be more tactical in the approach and don’t be surprised if you see more do-or-die raids.


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  1. Karan V says:

    It looks pretty good!!
    Analysis might be pretty accurate, disagree with you as far as Bengauru is concerned
    They have some young bulls who are ready for any challenge

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