World Kabaddi 2016 Match Reports

India vs Iran Kabaddi World Cup 2016 Final: India staged a heroic comeback in the second half to beat Iran (38-29).

India will face rising Asian power Iran in the summit clash of the tournament on Saturday.

First knockout game of the night Iran vs South Korea (28-22)

Thailand steals win from Japan in a nail-biting match (37-33)

Bangladesh overpowers Argentina (67-26)

Kenya destroy USA by 55 points (74-19)

India Qualifies for the semi-finals

Bangladesh inch closer to top two after a big win against Australia (80-8)

Poland stun Iran (41-25)

The Republic of Korea pick up routine win against the England (56-17)

Obilo and Ogak star in Kenya win over Japan (48-27).

Thailand break scoring record in 69-22 win over Kenya

Fourth straight loss for Argentina (74-20)

Iran win a thriller against Japan (38-34)

Korea beats vs Australia (63-25)

Poland break scoring record in 75-29 win over USA

England outclass Argentina (68-28)

Jang Kun Lee rescues Republic of Korea stay unbeaten with 35-32 win over Bangladesh

Kenya suffer 32 point loss to Thailand (53-21).

Australia outclass Argentina; Jasvir and Kuldeep excel (68-45)

Poland stumbles over Japan's tactical moves (33-22).

Iran posts close win over Kenya (33-28)

India celebrates Dussehra, pick up a win against the Bangladesh (57-20)

Tope helps England rout Australia (69-25).

India crush Australia by 34 points (54-20).

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